Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Soon Guan Coffee Shop, Sibu

Everyone has his or her favourite coffee place here in Sibu.

A lot swear by the Sungai Merah coffee shop. Don't ask me, I do not know anything.

I am way too far from Sungai Merah. :)

Mine is from Soon Guan Coffee Shop.

It has been around for years, less antique than my father's shop but nevertheless not that new.

Been around for at least 2 generations, I think.

This is one of the few places in Sibu pioneering in charcoal toasts.

They make their own kaya (coconut egg spread). Very tasty.

Roti Kahwin Bulat at Soon Guan Coffee Shop, Sibu

Whenever I am back, I will always come here to takeaway my coffee.

Kopi O Peng at Soon Guan Coffee Shop, Sibu

When you step into this coffee shop, you are immediately transported back in time; to the 70s.

Everything is so old school here. Even the people patronising the coffee shop are very classic and vintage as well. :) 

You have to check out the washroom there.

Not for the faint - hearted though.

Toasted Bun at Soon Guan Coffee Shop, Sibu

Now. Whereabout is Soon Guan? 

The address is at No. 18, Jalan Pasar.

At the ButterFly Garden, right in front of an old school supermarket by the name of Super Shan.

If you are coming from Standard Chartered Bank, you walk straight down (not towards Wisma Sanyan).

And you reach butterfly garden, and see a sea of cars. It is a parking lot.

Walk to that row of shops, and you will see Soon Guan just a few doors down from a hardware corner shop. 

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The Yum List said...

I like visiting places that have a few generations of history. I imagine over the years they could write a book of stories about experiences in their cafe.