Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kompia (Foochow Bagels) at Seng Kee Agency, Sibu

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Thank you, Google and Blogger.

Here's toast to you! :)

I have been blogging for several years now in a row, but I have yet to introduce kompia to you, a Foochow staple food.

It is bagel, with a touch of Foochow.

This is the best kompia in Sibu.

Seng Kee Agency, at Market Road, Sibu.

You can see how it is made. Open kitchen concept existed long ago, in Sibu.

The picture below on the bottom right, is the sister of kompia. It is called Jun Nee Piang in Foochow. A sweeter and softer counterpart of kompia.

By the way, the images were taken at the back of this shop. You may go behind, for more interesting stuff.

If you still do not know where it is, it is same row as the oldest Takiong here in Sibu.

Market Road.

It is so good, I know of a German guy who bought like heaps of this back to Kuching and freeze them.

To Foochow, with love!

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