Thursday, June 05, 2014

Kebab at Sibu Night Market / Pasar Malam Sibu

The last time I had at Pasar Malam / Night Market was about 6 years ago.

It has not changed since.

Still that same old familiar aromas; miss mash of smell ranging from grilled chicken to steamed dumplings; or that peanut whiff from apam balik stall.

This is one of the most sought after supper comfort food since childhood.


It was made from shavings of the meat, a blob of ketchup and mayonnaise, some simple slaw wedged in between the hotdog bun.

It is just that simple. Yet that brings back lots of nostalgic memories.

Kebab at Sibu Pasar Malam / Night Market
Well, literally anything made in Sibu is nice, isn't it? :)

Kebab at Sibu Pasar Malam / Night Market

Now that I am several thousands of kilometres away, I do miss home and I miss this sort of food.


suituapui said...

Any connection to the Ferry Kebab at Simpang Tiga. Gosh!!! I have not been to the pasar malam for years... So hot, so crowded. No, thanks.

The Yum List said...

I have fond memories of my first time experiencing night markets in Malaysia.

Sean said...

reading this post made me feel nostalgic to visit a pasar malam too! i remember following my grandparents and aunts to the pasar malam in malacca where my comfort food was corn on the cob :D

sibu food diva said...

suituapui: i have no idea, taste wise, i think it's the same. i know, can't do pasar malam on frequent basis. it's crowded and jam-packed. but it's fun though :) at least i did, with my sister and my husband :)

the yum list: i'm sure you do! if you do drop by pasar malam in mont kiara do drop me a pm at my email so we can meet up. :)

sean: hey! i love that too :) i think that's the number 1 fav food of 80s kids, yes? no? :)