Friday, December 09, 2011

Ramen Taiko Revisited

Ramen Taiko had undergone major renovation, the restaurant itself and also the menu.

Now, you can have a variety of sushi as well, apart from ramen and don

The revamped menu :) So stylo milo! 

Let me take you on a virtual tour of this shop.

Tada~ The separator between the smoking and non-smoking section of this restaurant.

I realize I have only one photo for the interior of this restaurant. Sorry...:P

Eh! Who is that Coke drinker, you?! 


My favorite, Kimuchi Ramen. Ramen cooked in kimchi infused broth, with generous pork slices, beansprouts, carrot, and what's that. the green thing. I have very bad memory loss from my thyroid disorder :( 

Kimuchi Ramen @ Ramen Taiko
Next is...I don't know. Ramen with a blob of butter on top and sweet corn, with shredded pork.

If you like to order this, kindly show this photo to the waitress.

Oishi Ramen (means, good tasting Ramen)
And you wonder, how the rice fare?

Below is mabo dofu don. Soft beancurd in hot and spicy bean paste seasoning, with minced pork and ginger.
Super :)
Mabo Dofu Don
Nihon jin desu ka?

If you are Japanese, Japanese expats living in KL,

head on down to this place for a really good meal.

Ramen Taiko

15-0-2C Shoplex, Mont Kiara

Jalan Kiara.

 Tel: 03-20961822

Oh wait.

I forgot one photo.

Taiko Chasu Ramen 
Ooooo...the egg has got soft yolk in the center.mmmmmmmmm yum!!



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