Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cheese Kompia at Fatt Bakery, Near Sibu Central Market

Gong Xi Fa Cai :)

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I was back in Sibu for Chinese New Year, spent some days at my father's shop, some days at home.

One of the days, my father told us about this cheese kompia, he was raving about it, as though it was something not to be missed. 

My sister, being the sceptical one, just nodded her head even though her head was full of question marks; as she was back for Christmas end of last year, and my father never once did mention about cheese kompia and how the heck did the kompia makers come out with a new recipe overnight and it became a sensation in such a short period of time?

So off she went to the kompia shop.

Kompia Shop in Sibu
And she asked the proprietor, uhm, hello, do you sell cheese kompia?

And guess what, she said yes! but not to disappoint you, it does not contain any cheese. It is a combination of butter and milk, it does look like cheese, but it has no cheese at all.

So why do you call it cheese kompia then?

She said: not me. the name is given by my customers.

You see that?

And it is not kompia exactly, it is the other kompia sibling by the name of "chu nu piang".

These are very fast - selling, by the way.

It is in fact, surprisingly delicious when it is piping hot. So the best bet is to eat while walking. Right out from the plastic. 

Cheese Kompia, Sibu

In Malay, there is a saying, "Tak cuba, tak tahu"

Cheese Kompia, Sibu

The name of the shop is Fatt Bakery.

It is behind the alley of the famous Seng Kee Agency (original kompia shop in Sibu)

It is located in between Market Road and Channel Road.

Look for Ta Kiong supermarket at Market Road, just walk along the alley next to it, and you will see this shop on your left hand side.

The husband and wife team are actually blood - related to the owners of Seng Kee Agency.

I have been buying from them since they started the business quite some time ago.

Sibu Kompia from Fatt Bakery

I love the kompia from this shop better, as it is fluffier, fatter (and made with love).

Watching both shops making kompia has always been my hobby.

The bakers at Seng Kee Agency baked kompia just like their second nature. I think they could even make air kompia with their fingers in their dreams. They were efficient and fast.

While the bakers at Fatt Bakery, only two of them, husband and wife. They took time. As though every kompia churned out was a masterpiece.

Having said that, it is solely based on my observation and taste.

I have RM10 worth of kompia in my freezer here in KL. ;) 

Just in case you are struggling with warming up your kompia wherever you are, read this.

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