Sunday, July 01, 2012

Very Good Char Siew at Tung Lok Corner, Sibu

My father, is very much a foodie as I am.

Like father, like daughter.

He has this knack for char siew (barbecue pork with sweet sauce Chinese style).

During my previous time back in Sibu, he brought me here.

It is just a few steps down from Everwin at the new bus stop / bus terminal in Sibu.

The coffeeshop is called Tung Lok Corner.

 Heh, my father even has had VIP pass.

No need to queue!

Apparently he is very good with the owner of this char siew guy.

From what I've heard, this guy went to Hong Kong to master this char siew pork skill.


Char Siew Guy at Tung Lok Corner

Rice at Tung Lok Corner

Chili Sauce at Tung Lok Corner

Char Siew at Tung Lok Corner, Bus Terminal, Sibu

Roast Pork, Roast Chicken, Roast Ribs at Tung Lok Corner, Bus Terminal, Sibu
I enjoyed the meal very much.

All the meat were very tender and succulent.

Absolutely mind - blowing.

I cannot find a decent match here in Kuching, as good as this.

I cannot crown this one either as the best char siew in Sibu, as the one opposite Public Bank in Sibu is EQUALLY good.

Oh hail to the two kings of char siew in Sibu!


I really miss home right now.


Anonymous said...

Yes, this stall is very popular, heard a lot about it...but I've never checked it out.

Simple Person said...

i am more interested at the roast pork and chicken..

sibu food diva said...

suituapui: you should try, oh by the way, they speak hokkien :)

simple person: i know! :) you only have your eyes on siu yuk :)