Thursday, November 12, 2009

360 Xpress City Centre Soft Opening, Kuching your heart out, I was at the soft opening of the latest swanky budget hotel in city, 360 Xpress City Centre, Kuching.

Let's go straight to the room, shall we?

Women and vanity. It goes hand in hand.

I too, am vain as well.

This is the dressing table in one of the rooms.

Nice bathroom, you reckon?

Woooo!!! Toto tap. Let me explain to you, this is a branded bathroom fitting, if you happen to know nuts about all these stuffs.

Soap is provided.

Complimentary bottled drinking water.

Mini bar, what's not to like?

Flat Screen TV!

Natianle, or Nationale? ;P The switch in the room.

This is the preview of RM100 room, a family room. Two double beds.

Spacious? Single room starts with RM60.

Lovely lift. My, it is so lovely you won't think that you're in a budget hotel lift!

At the coffee house, we, guests were treated to an array of yum yums to satisfy our tum tums.

Free flow of beer, and soft drinks. Ahh...notice the shisha?

Lovely lamb kebabs, what can I say? Too bad I have to watch my cholesterol.

The spacious lobby and reception area.

Last but not least, I get to know these two cuties. :) Your normal budget hotel, yes no? You have to judge it for your ownself. ;)


Anonymous said...

what a mindblowing place !

sibu food diva said...

yes Deepak, it's a very nice place. :) swanky hotel room at a budget price!