Saturday, May 05, 2012

Minoru Japanese Restaurant, Kuching

Two days ago, I woke up home alone.

When I opened my eyes, I could not feel my back.

I thought. That is it. 

Lying there for a good one and half hours, wondering what to do. 

I thought I had paralysis. 

You know, unforeseen circumstances stemmed from my disease, hyperthyroidism.

Somehow, by miracle, I managed to roll myself down to the floor and started to crawl my way to the bathroom. Not to mention, getting up to unlock my bedroom door took so much effort. 


I managed to dress up and even, to your amazement, drove out.

I did. I felt my back. It was of excruciating pain. I could only turn my head and not my body.

I drove all the way straight to my doctor's clinic. 

A lot of things ran through my mind. I was so glad I did not get into accident, judging that I was a disabled person for a morning. 

But mind you, happy to get out of that ordeal. Doctor gave me pills to swallow and the ache eased almost immediately. My saving grace.

Now, that I am still alive, I decided to give myself a big hug for surviving the ordeal.

Did not need the help of fire brigade to break down the doors, luckily.

I say, I deserve a bit of indulgence for my stomach. 

I have always wondered how Minoru Japanese Restaurant fare.

So here I was, tonight.

Cheers, to good health! A la votre! 

California Maki and Kani Sushi at Minoru Japanese Restaurant, Kuching
To the left, is California Maki and to the right, Kani Sushi. Served with generous amount of ginger and wasabi.

I have, eaten a lot of Japanese restaurants in my 29 years of living. 

Nothing comes close to this. 

Not mass - produced, so. Prepare to wait a bit. 

Made using the finest ingredients. Unpretentious. Even Kani Sushi is made from real crab meat, and is fresh. Very succulent, no fishy after-taste. Rice is al dente. Neither undercooked nor mushy.

California Maki at Minoru Japanese Restaurant

As you can see. there is avocado strips, crab meat (real, unpretentious), cucumber, roe and the sushi rice is studded with fragrant black sesame seeds.

Out of the world. I could have two of these, but I was having dinner at the same time with a certain Tan Sri. The restaurant was very busy, So I thought. I better not duplicate orders. Better go for sashimi next, since the chef preparing sushi was very quick and precise at slicing the raw seafood. 

Kani Sushi at Minoru Japanese Restaurant
These sushi are made in such, they are so delicate. Just the right size to pop the whole thing into the mouth, like how it should be. Gratifying experience. Every mouthful is just amazing. 

Ume Nigiri at Minoru Japanese Restaurant

By now, are you convinced yet? The above is Ume Nigiri, an assortment of raw seafood served with sushi rice. Clockwise from top left: shrimp, salmon, tuna, maybe snapper and octopus tentacle. 

Perfect 10. No fishy after-taste.

Ingredients are top-notched, and sushi is made with a lot of labor of love.

From left: Hot Ocha  and Cold Soju at Minoru Japanese Restaurant

Minoru Japanese Restaurant

After the scary ordeal with my back tendon injury, I say. I eat to live. Also, under such circumstance, I live to eat as well.

The incident left me being a paranoia, but at the same time learning more about hyperthyroidism.

Cheers to many more healthy days ahead.

Minoru Japanese Restaurant

Business Hour: 11.30 am to 2.30 pm
6.00 pm to 10.30 pm

Lot 493-G, Section 10, Rubber Road,
93400 Kuching.
Tel: 082-251021


Simple Person said...

It is better for you to have your mobile phone with you all the times. who know when you need help...
cheers to many happy healthy days for you...
hope you will get well soon and you are indeed a strong lady..

lvynana said...

Looks nice..

sibu food diva said...

thank you, Simple Person. indeed phone was next to me. if not, I also didn't know what to do! :P

thanks, Ivynana. :) worth dropping by for a try, but need to bring a lot of $$$ or plastic to pay.