Saturday, March 17, 2012

Best Kampua and Best Beef Noodles in Sibu

I have to dethrone my previously throned best kampua champion.

Best kampua after all this while, quality never flops. 

Always satisfying, always good, and always full house!

Hock Lok Hong Cafe kampua (at the traffic light junction, opposite Li Hua, walk further up till you see the traffic light and the coffee shop is by the name of Hock Lok Hong)

Operates daily, for breakfast and supper.

By the way, the guy who cooks the kampua is an avid Manchester United fan. :) 

I would even say, die - hard Manchester United fan :) I shall not elaborate further! 

Kampua at Hock Lok Hong, Lanang Road
 Kampua is top - notched! The noodles is very fragrant, not mushy or soggy. Total awesomeness.

If you are foreigner and you wonder what kampua is, it is a local dish, comprising of noodles made from flour and egg sans coloring, being blanched and served with shallots, sliced pork and coated with pork lard, and sometimes, chili sauce. In Sibu, chili sauce is not hot at all. It serves to infuse some sweet and very very mildly spicy flavor into the noodles.

 Subsequent photo is pien nuk or wonton or wantan, is the best I have eaten. 

No funky pork smell, and the pork filling is very generous, and most of all, very succulent. 

I'm in heaven.

Pien nuk puan lak (Wonton in chili sauce) at Hock Lok Hong, Lanang Road
 Woo! Two trophies for this guy, what's not to like.

Also, the stall next to this kampua seller is beef noodles seller.


You name it, Sibu has got it! (Almost)

Beef Noodles without Noodles at Hock Lok Hong, Lanang Road

You may ask, if I have tried the other famous beef noodles, yes I have.

The other famous beef noodles, the seller loads a lot of MSG, hence do not obtain my approval.

While this one, has my nod.


Best kampua, pien nuk and beef noodles under one roof. 

That is why it is full house every day!


Simple Person said...

it really looks good ..
good food = many customer..

Mohamad Azfarsyah said...

Can you replace pork with beef or chicken?

sibu food diva said...

yes of course, mohamad. there is a nice place where you can have this halal, at Sibu Central Market hawker center. The stall is Suraya.

hii hing yee said...

have you tried Tekam Road "Xi Chang Lai" kampua?

sibu food diva said...

no i haven't, mr hii. waiting for someone to drive me there as there is no parking at all there!