Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Pork Porridge and Pork Dumpling at Sibu Central Market

Ah. You nocturnal creature. Hear ye!

In Sibu, choices of food at night have always been; let's just put it this way, less variety than the breakfast version. 

You can disagree with me anyhow or however, but I stand firm with my opinion.

Sheesh. So hard-headed! 

Sibu Central Market (night time) Probably Saturday and Sunday for breakfasts too. Just so if I am wrong about the Saturday and Sunday breakfasts, don't bash me please, I have been away for quite some time, I have a bit of memory loss. 

The stall operators are Hokkien people, and that means :) No communication problem at all between me and them. 

I'm very ashamed to say that my Foochow is going towards rustica; but never mind. As long as I can order my food, that is all that matters. 

If you love bak chang (glutinous rice wrapped with meat) you just have to try this.

It's not Nonya style, nope.

No fancy ingredients, just pure goodness of pork belly encased in soy sauce enriched glutinous rice.

So simple, yet tastes like a million dollar bucks.

One of the best bak chang I have tasted in Sibu.

Just so you know, they serve kampua as well, and minced meat soup.

They are absolutely divine. So delicious! 

A different league on its own.

Porridge and Bak Chang at Sibu Central Market

Porridge and Bak Chang at Sibu Central Market

Look at that!

Bak chang with a generous slab of chilli sauce.

Bak Chang at Sibu Central Market

And then, the pork porridge, it is not to be missed.

This is quintessentially Eat Clean Sibu version! 

Just the right amount of flavour, no crazy MSG throat swelling after the meal.

Porridge at Sibu Central Market
If you ask me how would this stall compare to the very famous Teochew Porridge stall which operates in the morning, also in Sibu Central Market, I would say, they are both different.

I cannot say this is nicer, or vice versa. It is just different.

I like both very much.

Having said that, I already miss home very much and counting days to get home to Sibu for tung tung chiang. 

I hope the weather will be kind to me and won't knock me down with the crazy humidity.


The Yum List said...

Interesting... I always think of Malaysia, in general, (stereotyping Sibu in that thought too) as a 'nocturnal crowd' - I'm surprised to hear more morning that night foodie options. :-)

suituapui said...

I've been wanting to go and try, see still the same or not. But the places that I want to go and eat only open at night...like the Chartered Bank kampua and I seldom go out nights.