Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chicken Rice at Home Made Specialties, Jalan Ang Cheng Ho, Kuching

This, I bestow.

The best chicken rice in Kuching, at Home Made Specialties.

No. 21, Ground Floor, Lot 76, Jalan Ang Cheng Ho, Kuching.

Closed on Sunday. Starts at 6.30 p.m. on Mondays to Saturdays.

Now. The most essential part about having chicken rice (apart from price wise) is the chili that goes with the rice.

Have a look. There are two types, one is chili + vinegar, the other one has got belacan (shrimp paste) in it.
Chicken rice chili at Home Made Specialties, Kuching

When I made this photo, I was seated at table 5. :)

Let me show you how the chicken looked like.

Well, it may not look very pleasant, but I assure you, taste wise, it is very pleasing to the tastebuds.

This is coffeeshop standard food, so do not expect fanciful food presentation.

The chicken rice is cheap,  at RM5, you get RM1 change back for 1 plate of chicken rice for 1 person.

Steamed chicken at Home Made Specialties, Kuching
You have a choice of either steamed or roasted chicken. But my personal favorite is the steamed version.

Aha. If you fancy chicken gizzards and livers, this is it!

They are fabulous to go together with the chili sauce, especially the fiery belacan one.
Chicken gizzards and giblets at Home Made Specialties, Kuching
And next, let's inspect the rice.

Chicken rice at Home Made Specialties, Kuching

The rice is always, you hear me right. Always fluffy with very fragrant ginger, and sesame oil and you know what. Sinful.

Soup at Home Made Specialties, Kuching
Typical chicken rice dish in Kuching is served with clear preserved vegetable soup.

Very good. Some other eateries, the chicken rice soup has got this funky chicken smell.

But this one, has got my nod.

Pig tripe soup at Home Made Specialties, Kuching
If you are just like me, away from home and crave for pig tripe soup cooked with whole pepper seeds, this is the place to go.

This dish, you have to order from the coffeeshop itself, not the chicken rice stall. 

Fabulous as well. 

Like most great eats in Kuching, you need to wait quite a bit for your food.

Expect to wait a bit, sometimes even up to 40 minutes. 

But it is worth every wait.


Simple Person said...

i always like chicken rice..
it is really cheap .. n the rice is huge..
I normally eat chicken + siu yuk = RM5.00

sibu food diva said...

that is cheap for kl price! an average plate of chicken rice cost around rm5.30 to rm5.80 here in kuching.