Thursday, May 05, 2011

Korean Barbeque (BBQ) at Ampang Duksoo-Nea Restaurant, KL

I have to say, at times, my food pictures are haphazardly taken, not because I don't put any effort.

When I swoosh my camera out of my bag, that is when I make the effort already.

Particularly this one, I was very excited. Anxiety contributes to clumsily taken pictures.

Ampang Duksoo-Nea

Ooooooo lovely!

Please call for direction.

Should you not know the place.

I got drunk on Soju!

Such a sorry state, Miss Sibu Food Diva!

Cold wild fern salad


Sesame oil

BBQ paste!

Korean meal is never complete without kimchi

Seasoned onion

Out of drunken state, I stated these as onion leaves instead of spring onions!

Muah Muah Muah!

The Diva gives her nod!

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