Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hand Chopped Wagyu Beef Patties, BIG Supermarket, Publika

I love shopping at BIG Supermarket. Or known as Ben's Independent Grocer / B.I.G.

My hubs is always at least RM100 poorer each time we come here.

Recently there is this thing that caught my eye at the meat section (where they display an array of seasoned meat; from lamb to beef to chicken).

Rounded beef patties wrapped in cling wrap retailed at RM15 per piece.

Called, wagyu hand - chopped burger.

For me, it's like, hmm...RM 15 doesn't hurt, at least I try, and if I don't like it I just don't buy it the next time.

So I persuaded my banker to buy me two pieces.

Here is my take:

Wagyu Hand - Chopped Patty from BIG Supermarket
Boy, I was floored.

I made my burger very simple: that's the acid test to know if the patty is good.

I started off by buttering up the buns and toasted them.

Slather with a thin layer of grainy mustard (mortared a l'ancienne)

Then the patty. I pan - fried the patty to well done, as I gauge the doneness by prodding on the meat, I overcooked it, but somehow the meat was tender so even it was well done, when pressed, it was actually the softness of a medium rare, in a lightly bouncy state.

I immediately placed a slice of Emmental cheese on top of the scorching hot patty so that it will melt a little. The reason I choose Emmental is that, I love that fruity note of Emmental which is a good contrast to the beefy intense flavour of the patty.

While the patty is resting, I fried up two slices, cut into two; applewood smoked bacon. These are placed on top of the cheese.

Before I finished off with the top layer of bun, a slice of red juicy tomato. 

That's it.

Wagyu Hand- Chopped Patty from BIG Supermarket

It was [fill in the blank]

I went to Heaven and back. :)

Succulent. Unpretentious. (I did not add any other seasonings).

The beef juice oozed out on the plate!

And that's well done. What if it is cooked to medium rare doneness? You can imagine what sort of riot of flavours and juices happening in your mouth.

At RM 15, it is the most affordable wagyu burger and also probably, the best in town! 

(RM15 is a misnomer for the burger as it is the price of the patty only. By rough estimation, the cost of MY burger does not exceed RM25, which is still reasonable.)

Affordable, and full of flavour burger.

Give it a try! 

By the way, don't snap up all the wagyu patties please. Leave 2 for me, thank you.


The Yum List said...

Ooh I like shopping there too! So many choices. You're right though, wallets are a lot lighter after leaving.

sibu food diva said...

oh yeah, my husband can totally relate to that lighter wallet thingy! :)