Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lyn's Thandoori, Kuching

Let me introduce you, a very authentic North Indian fare in Kuching.

Ginger tea

Complimentary poppadoms! :)

By the way, I can fry poppadoms very well. :)

Special thanks to my auntie Leen @ Mrs Solomon Rajendran.

Pickles :) Complimentary ones, to go with the poppadom.

I am very impressed with the thandoori chicken.

Tender, juicy, succulent, the right amount of spices.

I will not go to 7th mile for thandoori anymore. This one champs :)

Mint sauce to go with the thandoori.

Thandoori and naan are match made in heaven.

Hence, I ordered naan to go with the thandoori.

If you are not well-versed with Indian food, naan is a type of baked bread /roti canai. How it is made is very similar to Foochow Kompia.

Bindi Masala.

Ladies finger cooked in a medley of spices and curry broth.

Lovely. Simply lovely.

This is the cheese naan.

Located just beside MAS office in Kuching, you should really try it out.

I would say, this is the best north indian fare you can get in Kuching.

I give my nod. :)

Lyn's Thandoori.


lvynana said...

Will definitely try that, the place that we used to go in &th mile, now the tandoori getting smaller and dryer :(

sibu food diva said...

hello! :) you should try this one, and I hope you love it, coz i love it so much, that i had my lunch there twice in a week!

Deepak Acharya said...

oooolaaaaa...feeling hungry now :)

sibu food diva said...

olaaa deepak :) yep yep! very nice :)