Sunday, September 13, 2009

No. 1 Bestseller Apam Balik in Sibu

The best of the best apam balik (half moon pastry filled with crushed peanut) in Sibu:

is @ Central Market Sibu.

And this is the auntie who makes the lovely apam balik

Hmm... lovely.

The end product of the half moon pastry.

A closer shot.

The pastry is filled with crushed peanuts and sugar, and generous slather of margarine.

The pastry itself is very crispy, and thin enough.

There were several night market traders couldn't get the texture right.

Only this woman does.

And the best part of all, it's directly opposite my dad's shop.

I mean it, directly.

Walk straight, and no turnings from my dad's.

Are you green with envy now?


`NiCK^ said...

how come u never tell me opposite there got?!?!
bleahh.. -_-
must go try.. if i do get to go back sibu this time!

sibu food diva said...

waiyo. you always come back for one two days only. btw, this is far better than your usual haunt: Sg Maong Apam Balik.;)