Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Italian Food at Bella Italia, Kuching

Pardon my disappearance, I have difficulty getting out of bed.

Hyperthyroidism sucks sky high. 

Eh, what sort of sickness does not suck? :P

On the flip side, let me show you makan  - makan photos. 

This is the best, Italian food you can get in Kuching.

Do not argue with me. 

I have tried others, and this is the best.

Bella Italia, Kuching

Bella Italia, Kuching
This restaurant is very homey.

Own by a Croatian.

Since Croatians and Italians are practically neighbours, only separated by the sea, so, have ease of mind that they deliver very well when it comes to preparing Italian dishes.

Fettuccine Carbonara, Bella Italia, Kuching
When you have a bad day, the ultimate comfort food to indulge in is fettuccine carbonara.

Creamy, rich, and very generous amount of chopped parsley.

And beef bacon.

Definite mood enhancer.

Fettuccine Carbonara, Bella Italia, Kuching
 You know, you feel happier regardless of how sucky your day has been, when your tummy is full of food goodness.

Tiramisu, Bella Italia, Kuching

The tiramisu in this restaurant, differs slightly, as this is catered for Muslim diners as well. 

So, it is sans Tia Maria.

Tiramisu, Bella Italia, Kuching

Nevertheless, it is still good, despite not having coffee liquor in it.

Linguine Marinara
 If you fancy something spicy, go for linguine marinara, it is spicy and tangy, with seafood. The other pasta dishes to try here are: Aglio Olio (pasta infused with garlic and chili oil served with seafood); Matriciana (spicy tangy sauce with beef bacon)

I can be rather boring and stick to those few staple dishes when I come here to dine.

That is one thing. The other is that, I cannot stomach so much. I eat a lot here. 

Fried Chicken Nuggets, Bella Italia, Kuching

I forgot what is the exact name of the above dish, but you can definitely find it in the appetizers section, with the word, chicken and fried. ;)

Perfecto. Very crispy, and flavorful chicken nuggets.

Insalata Caesar
 Next is salad. I have tried ALL of the Bella Italia salad dishes. ALL is top-notched.

Very good. 

I do not have all of the photos though. Sometimes, I get very excited when I see food.

Too exhilarated I must say, that photography is completely forgotten. 

Life is very impromptu. As impromptu as digging into my food almost immediately being served.

Pizza, Bella Italia
 Next is the ultimate Italian thing. 


If you are the type that fancy Pizza Hut style pizza, I am afraid, this is not your cup of tea.

This is very Italian pizza. 

Thin, crunchy crust, unpretentious.


I have tried:

 Margherita, Pollo, Pinocchio, Caesar

 And several more. In fact, I think I have tried all except Matriciana.

My favorite place to eat at all times. I do not get bored with Italian food at all.

This is in fact, a habitual place of mine.

One thing though, good food takes time. This is a small homey restaurant, nothing mass - produced. Do not expect like, say. 5 minutes for your meal to arrive. Expect to wait a bit. I assure you, it is worth every wait.

You cannot go wrong with the location. It is right opposite Four Points by Sheraton Hotel.

Business starts from 11.30 a.m. daily to 10 p.m. at night.

You know where to find food when you are hungry at 3 p.m.! Super love the business hours :)


Simple Person said...

yup i could say that the decoration looks very homey..

sibu food diva said...

hello simple person! :)

Foodie Vicky said...

Hi Sibu Food Diva, do you have any other suggestions for Italian food in Kuching? and also, any western diners serving good desserts and drinks, other than Tom's?
I'm not a dessert person, having a hard time planning my dessert fanatic friend's bday celebration

sibu food diva said...

Hi Vicky, it's tough indeed to have the best of both worlds; I cannot think of other place other than tom's, or do you want to try rumah hijau riveredge? That branch serves western food and the cakes are nice there, but they run out very fast. The other place is Hilton Kuching, the steak was nice there and the macarons and cupcakes from coffee house was superb.