Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jambu Restaurant, Crookshank Road, Kuching

I'm back from my long absence.

Totally off from internet for about 3 weeks.

My pooch died last week.

I was in mourning period.

Some crooks decided to poison my pooch.

She died a sudden death.

Coincidently, I wanted to prepare tapas for dinner on that very day, before I discovered her death.

I went ahead with my cooking and had a bottle of Chardonnay to celebrate my pooch, NuNu's afterlife.

As the saying goes, all dogs go to heaven.

I replicate the same tapas served at this place: Jambu, following the recipe closely, trying to be as Espanol as possible. 

These photos, are tapas served at Jambu's 

Jambu Restaurant and Lounge, Kuching
Be prepare to wait for your food. 

It may take some time.

In the meantime, enjoy the complimentary poppadoms. 

Jambu Restaurant and Lounge, Kuching
Bread is essential in tapas. 

This is according to me.

The soft bread is a tool to mop up the gravy from every tapas dish.

Jambu Restaurant and Lounge, Kuching

As though one basketful of bread is not enough, I ordered another basket.

This basket, the bread was toasted and served with olive and garlic minced.

2 basketful of bread.

(You may assume that I have carb deficiency :))
Jambu Restaurant and Lounge, Kuching
The next tapas dish: was the star of the night.

Albodingas (beef meatballs with tomato sauce)

Thumbs up!

The meatballs were perfect. 

Words cannot describe.

Perfection in and out. 

Jambu Restaurant and Lounge, Kuching
My carbs were not sufficient, hence I call the emergency hotline for patatas bravas. 

Potatoes stewed in tomato sauce! 

A different take on the spanish patatas bravas.

Jambu Restaurant and Lounge, Kuching
Gambas al pil pil (stir-fried prawns in garlic and chilli oil).

But these were shrimps, as showned in the photo  below.

Very tiny shrimps, by the way.
Jambu Restaurant and Lounge, Kuching
Eggplant in spicy Spanish sauce: berenjena mojo picon


Jambu Restaurant and Lounge, Kuching
Creme brulee.

Besides meatballs, the other winner that wowed my tastebuds is this.

otherwise also known as crema catalana.

Jambu Restaurant and Lounge, Kuching
Crepe suzette served with orange sauce spiked with Cognac.

Just a quick diversion, do you know how to pronounce Cognac? :)

The crepe suzette was alright, but i preferred creme brulee.

Jambu Restaurant and Lounge, Kuching
Overall, food was alright. 

Prepare to wait a bit. 

While waiting for my food, I polished off several mugs of beer. :P

32, Crookshank Road (Very near Sarawak Club)



Ez Vina said...

great, never been there. The place looks a bit 'old' now.

Simple Person said...

looks like a romantic dinner..
the food looks delicious... nice

missyblurkit said...

Condolences girl! Those evil idiots...surely hope karma haunts them.

But yes, your furkid is now at rainbow bridge with lots of treats, games and tummy rubs...

Merry Christmas!

sibu food diva said...

ez vina: indeed, a bit on the rustic charm side. food was rather pricey though.

simple person: ambiance romantic la! the diners not romantic :)

missyblurkit: thanks girl, merry christmas. i really miss my furkid and your biscuit recipe just simply reminds me of her..