Friday, December 21, 2012

Handmade Noodles at Chong and Low, BDC, Kuching

My friend once told me, in Jakarta, there is this small restaurant serving a dish called, 'nasi gila' which literally means, crazy rice. 

The term was because of a plethora of meat and vegetables piled on top of the rice.

Of course, the nasi gila was awesome, according to him, and also cheap.

So when I brought this friend to Chong & Low, he said, oh! this is 'mee gila'! 

Not in a bad way, that is.

The noodles, as shown in the photo, is a bit tricky to order.

It goes like this: Tah mee pang bak chor, char sio, hu + hoo ee t'ng (Dry noodles with pork minced, 'char siew' pork and fish + fishball soup)

Handmade Noodles at Chong and Low, BDC, Kuching
This is, the ramen of Borneo.

It is so good, that when I studied in Johore years ago, I had my relatives flown in packets of this noodles to Johore from Kuching for me.

It is not very difficult to look for this place, just a stone throw from Everrise BDC.


The Yum List said...

There's something about homemade that hooks me in everytime. Happy New Year! Wishing you a fantastic 2013.

Simple Person said...

looks very nice..
but the char siu is a bit red...

suituapui said...

This certainly looks good!

missyblurkit said...

Looks yummy but the char siew colour seems a little odd. Too bright red?

sibu food diva said...

char siew is very red in this part of Malaysia, i do not know why too. but i think i've got used to it, hehe :)