Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dinner at Kwong Chin Seafood, Kuching

There is a fried rice craze in Kuching recently.

Not the run of the mill sort of fried rice...


Crab meat fried rice. 


Kwong Chin Seafood.

(Opposite F&N godown and The Banquet)

The taste is awesome. I am not a fried rice fan, but now I am a convert.

It is this good. 

Believe me.

Moist. Flavorful. Most of all, a lot of crab meat in the fried rice.

(Don't scold me like mad though, if you don't find a lot of crab meat in your fried rice. I am just plain lucky. ;))

Crab meat fried rice at Kwong Chin Seafood, Kuching

Stir fried midin with local wine at Kwong Chin Seafood, Kuching

Asam fish at Kwong Chin Seafood, Kuching

The fish, cooked in the asam gravy was 'betutu' fish, or a more precise term, marbled sleepy goby.

You can google up and see how does this fish look like.

My dearest sister, who loves to tease me and give me all sorts of nicknames, said that I look like this fish whenever I am not smiling.

Foster's beer at Kwong Chin Seafood, Kuching

Another signature dish to try: yam basket with black pepper pork ribs. 

That's it. This restaurant deserves a standing ovation.




suituapui said...

What that fried rice lacked in appearance, it probably made up in taste - crab meat, don't play-play! The assam fish looks really good though...

sibu food diva said...

ho chiak! :)

missyblurkit said...

the midin looks good! so does the assam fish! noms!