Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Noodle House Revisited, Sibu

Whenever I go back to Sibu.

It is customary. To visit Noodle House.

Even if I could not make it there physically, I would have sent my father for takeaway. :)

The latest craze at this outlet is the mille crepe.

The chocolate mille crepe was ultra gorgeous!

They have a new addition: rum and raisin mille crepe. Only available on Wednesday and Thursday.

Enjoy the food photos!

I keep this blog post short and simple. I am on the verge of insanity due to my workload.

Aiyooo....life sucks sky high!

(By the way, me and my dad love the deep fried calamari very much.)

My dad would use me as the collateral damage / innocent bystander as my mum is very much against anything deep fried.


(I hope he does not read my blog: referring to my dad)

Chocolate Mille Crepe at Noodle House, Sibu

Fried Egg and Lean Meat Congee at Noodle House, Sibu

Lemonade Passion Fruit at Noodle House, Sibu

Wantan QQ Noodle Soup at Noodle House, Sibu

Salt and Pepper Calamari at Noodle House, Sibu

Sizzling Spicy Seafood Kampua at Noodle House, Sibu

Hot and Spicy QQ Noodle with Shredded Meat and Egg at Noodle House, Sibu

Milo Godzilla at Noodle House, Sibu




Anonymous said...

The rum & raisin is just right - double choc is awesome but a bit too sweet for some people and vanilla is a bit bland for others.

I prefer the sizzling beef kampua to the sambal - I thought the sambal & kampua not that compatible...but Huai Bin loves the sambal.

Hmmmm...not a fan of the rest that you had - ummm...maybe the calamari, ok...not bad.

sibu food diva said...

waaa...i haven't tried all. i just tried the choc mille crepe. i was alternating, trying some of other dishes. the sambal kampua was my father's. he loves this dish very much! :) i was trying to be adventurous and tried new stuffs :)

Simple Person said...

I want to try all the food..
it looks delicius....
especially the chocolate mille crepe.. I LIKE SWEET thing..kekeke
So when I am in Sibu make sure you around okie?

sibu food diva said...

simple: ngam! :)

The Yum List said...

I've just had dinner but your dessert pic is making me hungry again :-)

sibu food diva said...

hehe :) come to this part of Malaysia!

Zuwwy said...

Hi there! Would you be interested in doing a blogging collaboration with friendlyfashion.my? if you are interested, could you please email us at hello@friendlyfashion.my thank you! :)

sibu food diva said...

hello Zuwwy, thanks for dropping by. I am very honored :) i shall email you. thanks!