Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sibu Food Diva the Barista

Once upon a time I delightfully announced to my friends.

"I want to be a part - time barista!"

Flashing a huge grin. :)

And my friends practically jumped from their seats. "What?! What is wrong with you? From an engineer to a lawyer? You must be kidding me!"

Ay caramba! I meant barista. Not barrister.

Sibu Food Diva's Americano
I used Lavazza Crema e Gusto

No prize for guessing. Muku is a nickname. An endearment term given by my super loco family.

My legs are giving me trouble again. :( 

I can't walk much, so I have to fix my own coffee. 

In the meantime, I have updated my silver blog.

Here is the weekly update:


Simple Person said...

muku is a nickname?
my office has a Lavazza expresso machine.. but I hardly drink.....
oo you are an engineer?
Hope you feel better...

sibu food diva said...

ya, muku is a nickname. it means grumpy and quiet in hakka. aiya...your company has got any vacancy for tea lady? :)))) ya..i'm engineer. thanks, i will. pretty much resting here.

Anonymous said...

Problem with your legs? Oh dear! Have you been seeking treatment? Some Chinese physician? Acupuncture? Poor thing...and so very young!

sibu food diva said...

haih...ya gives me a lot of lemons at 29 years young! i do, the legs are due to my hyperthyroidism, the disease starts to attack my muscles and nervous system. :(

The Yum List said...

Ha! I've tried being part time barista in my house - even have a number of coffee machines to help - machina, mocha post, French press - I still can't do it as well as the pros though :-)

sibu food diva said...

practice makes perfect :) you need to waste around a hundred cups of coffee in order to be good. essentially similar to playing piano. have fun with your coffee machines! :)