Thursday, July 19, 2012

Aglio Olio at Hagen Bake and Brew, Shoplex Mont Kiara, KL

I have blogged about this place numerous times.

You may read the posts here and here.

But each time, I just left out the aglio olio photos.

This time, I am determined. :)

Here are the photos.

Food porn: Aglio Olio with Roast Pork
Aglio Olio Spaghetti with Roast Pork, Hagen Bake and Brew, Mont Kiara

Aglio Olio Linguine with Roast Pork, Hagen Bake and Brew, Mont Kiara

And also. Aglio olio goes very well with Hoegaarden.

Asahi and Hoegaarden draft at Hagen Bake and Brew, Mont Kiara

Life is very short. 

Do enjoy while you can.

I have a friend who is around my age, and is fighting for her life.

She has cervical and stomach cancer.

It happened all too soon. 

Live for today.



Anonymous said...

How much was that? So generous with the roast pork belly - so expensive these days even at the chicken rice stalls...

Simple Person said...

are you tempt me with the roast pork? lol..

The Yum List said...

Good reminder! Live for today. Enjoy every moment and most importantly the people in them.

sibu food diva said...

suituapui: it's rm18. 100g of roast pork = rm9 :)

simple person: yes!! indeed! :)

the yum list: indeed, cherish every moment :)