Monday, May 28, 2012


As the title says it, I shall be on holidays say, a week.

My condition has worsened and I need to rest. A lot.

I have had several nights of insomnia attacks in a row, leaving me rather tired and weak, needless to say cranky as well.

I cannot stop people from not stressing me. It is part and parcel of my life.

It is, how I handle things and such.

But recently, things have gone way too far, pushing me to the edge and I feel very depressed.

No amount of kueh chap will delight my poor depressed state of mind.

So I take this opportunity to wish my blog readers a Selamat Hari Gawai, happy ngirup and have fun :)

Agi aku idup, agi aku ngelaban. It means in Iban language, as long as I live, I shall fight for it.

Muscle Injury Drugs

Forget the photo that I have posted above, let's move on to alcohol, cheers, one for the road.

A la votre! 

Beer at Spasso Milano, Pavilion, Level 6th, KL


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Take care and get well soon...

Simple Person said...

I know you a very strong lady...
I am sure you will be better...

sibu food diva said...

thank you for the well wishes, i'm better now. :)