Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kolo Mee at Little Sky, Jalan Song, Kuching

Veni, vidi, vici.

I am back, conscious of strength and tumultuous. :) 

At least I know for now, thyroid cancer is out of the question. 

Peace of mind at least.

Under the little sky of mine.

There is (really, not bluffing) a kolo mee place by the name of Little Sky.

Tucked at the back alley of Starbucks, beside Li Yuan.

This place is packed in the morning! 

Noodles are springy, al dente. I love the texture of the handmade noodles

The most important of all, it is very throat-friendly. I couldn't detect MSG, at least. 

I am allergic to MSG. 

Whenever I am around this area, I'd drop by this coffee shop. Alternating Li Yuan and Little Sky.

Double Ls. 

Thanks to auntie Julia for recommending this place.  

(What's not to like, after kolo mee then head on to Starbucks for espresso? ;))

Hand Made Noodles at Little Sky, Jalan Song, Kuching  


Anonymous said...

Thanks for hopping over to my blog. The kolo mee looks good - can't stand the horrible imitations in Sibu. They only look similar - tastewise, totally out!

I love the Carpenter Street ones (parking is a pain) and the one at Oriental Park (the old Cathay Cinema)plus a place among the Green Road shops too...

sibu food diva said...

thanks for dropping by too, Arthur :) There are a lot of liberalized kolo mee in Kuching, can't complain though, taste good. :) this is one of the liberalized version. There are not one, but several kolo mee stalls in Carpenter Street serving finger-licking kolo mee, they are very interesting indeed. Some with Teochew hint, some with Hakka, and Hokkien not to be left out.

Simple Person said...

kolo mee .. what language is that ?
cantonese usually call kon lo mee.. dried noodles..
in ipoh is famous of hakka noodles .. and they put some minced pork meat ..

Mr Lonely said...

looks nice~ XD

sibu food diva said...

simple person: it is in Hokkien. :) hard to find in KL. that's why it is good to consider a holiday with your family to Kuching :)

thanks mr lonely :)