Thursday, June 07, 2012

A la carte Italian at Spasso Milano, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

After I read Bangsar Babe's review on this restaurant, come rain or shine, come limping or wheel - chair bound, I have to try this restaurant.

I am a very big fan of Italian food. 

Give me pasta in the morning, I can have that for breakfast.

Or worse still, give me Limoncello, and I shall drink that for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Let's go a la carte first before I tempt you with the buffet selection.

My blog post on Spasso Milano is akin to the Godfather movie, written by Mario Puzo and directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

This is Part 1. 

Beef carpaccio cipriani at Spasso Milano, KL
Beef carpaccio. Out of the world experience.

I said that because I had beef carpaccio elsewhere and it did not taste anything such as this.

Beer at Spasso Milano, KL

Limoncello at Spasso Milano, KL
Limoncello is top notched. Besides single malt whiskeys, my next favorite drink is Limoncello. On some days, I favor Limoncello more than single malt. When there is no single malt or Limoncello, I say, Tia Maria, Tia Maria where art thou?

Pork Valdostana at Spasso Milano, KL
Hey! Did you see the pork playing peekaboo with the ham?

And they came in pairs! How is it possible not to like?

Linguini Alle Vongole at Spasso Milano, KL

The seafood pasta was very fabulous as well, but there is this saying, dog-eat-dog world.

Likewise, pig-eat-pig world.

I am born in the year of the boar. But I love pork so much. 

If life is given only one choice. To choose between pork valdostana and linguini alle vongole, I will go for the pork. :)

Not everyone is blessed with a stomach such as mine, which can fit two plates of pasta perfectly, plus beef carpaccio. 

That is why you have to choose. 

Grappa and Espresso at Spasso Milano, KL
Before I have anything to say regarding grappa and espresso, let me tell you.

This combination is deadly. 

Do not order these at the same time, and drink at the same time.

Unless you wish to embarrass yourself walking around in Pavilion semi - drunk and jay - walking around the mall.

But then again, if you have high tolerance for alcohol and potent drink such as espresso, by all means, go for it. 


By the way, I was not drunk from my Limoncello yet. 

When I had a sip of grappa, I resisted myself from shouting "Opa!" 

Grappa is the cousin brother of Raki / Ouzo, a drink that was widely served in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

My friend who is from the Balkan region has had high tolerance for this. 

Already said, Balkan. 

I resurrect on this one. The sharp piercing taste of alcohol imposed dizzying effect in my head. 

Clearly, the Malaysian Chinese Sibu Food Diva lost hands down when it comes to grappa.

So I rest my case and drank espresso.

Espresso at Spasso Milano, KL
Oh my. Espresso Eccellente. Excellent indeed.

So much so, I had to do a bit of googling. What is this Bristot Espresso.

What I've found: Bristot beans are specially imported into Malaysia, unlike other brands this particular brand is not very much widely available. Exclusively available at Spasso Milano. In the form of Espresso.

Temperature of the espresso was perfect, the crema on top was thick, no bitter after taste.

Ah, Spasso Milano, you made my day :)

Very much, I must say. 

Panna Cotta at Spasso Milano, Kuala Lumpur
And you thought, I was done.

Not yet. Just as in the Godfather movie: "I shall make you an offer you cannot refuse".

Two very divine desserts. 

Panna Cotta and Tiramisu.

The search is over. 

I retire from baking tiramisu. 

Tiramisu at Spasso Milano, Kuala Lumpur

This one, deserves a standing ovation.

Like I always say, tasting is believing.

End of Spasso Milano Part 1.


Simple Person said...

I am happy when everytime I see there is a new post of yours ....
which means that u r healthy..
Well I had been there once...
did u have the grappa amorone?
I love it..

Anonymous said...

Yummmm!!!! Bet that was expensive. Everything at Pavilion's expensive but never mind. Good to pamper oneself sometimes...

sibu food diva said...

hi simple person, i'm good, but not in the pink of health, still very much unpredictable, sometimes i could not get up at all, but i waste no time dwelling on misery, life has to move on. :) i don't know what grappa is that, i went there long time ago in March.

suituapui: indeed very yum, arthur. rm300+ for 2. but worth every penny, should give it a try whenever you are in kl :)

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Glad you enjoyed the food! We should do dinner and GRAPPA there when you're feeling better. :P

sibu food diva said...

Yeah babe! That's a definite thing! :)