Friday, May 11, 2012

Tom's Kuching

As of today, my world just fell apart.

Crumbling down just like how apple crumble dissipates into your mouth.

I have a news.

My thyroid is within the normal range (with the help of medicine of course).


My cholesterol is rocketing sky high!

To be not alarmed, I must say I am a liar.

Obtuse in nature, or deliberately obtuse, I do not know.

I simply cannot define the fine line between that. 


I comfort myself into thinking that insomnia is the evil root cause of the rocketing sky high of my cholesterol.

Yes, please, doctor. Please say that.


While I am still at it. I say, 1 more meat post for the road? :) 

 Let's give Tom's a standing ovation for serving fabulous food and cakes.

82 Jalan Padungan, Kuching

+6082-247 672

Close on Sundays.

Steak at Tom's

Picture speaks a thousand words. 

I need not tell you that the meat was succulent and cooked to perfection: medium well as it was. 

I like, and I approve :)

Sauce for the steak, Tom's
 I could not remember exactly, what was in the sauce.

(Due to my massive memory loss).

But I remember that it tasted awesome. :) 

French Fries at Tom's
Peculiar, you might think.

I have the kink for french fries.

Oh, no. let's not get started with the fast food chain, shall we?

French fries are at their best, when they are not mass - produced.

And this was at its perfection.

Crisp, no recycled oil after - taste. 

Fresh, right amount of salt, not overly salty.

Perfect. :)

Next on display is salmon skin salad.

Very interesting, I must say.

Salmon skin salad at Tom's  

The salad has got hint of balsamic vinegar.

If you are on team mayonnaise, this is not for you.
Tiramisu at Tom's
I am very particular when it comes to tiramisu. 

I have sampled many, or it not, a lot, of tiramisu during my 29 years of living.

A show-off tiramisu should be made from savoiardi (sponge fingers), soaked in Tia Maria (generously) and slathered with mascarpone and what not, good coffee. 

My verdict is that, this has got my nod.

Not bad, I must say. 

To make a real show-off tiramisu, it requires a lot of labor of love on top of top-notched ingredients.

Apple Crumble at Tom's

What has captured my heart, was apple crumble to be exact.

Heart warming and very welcoming to my gastronomic palates. 

Spot on!

This place is perfect for tete-a-tete with your other half, slightly dimmed, warm ambiance, overall great food.

Rumour has it that very famous people in Sarawak have dined here on a frequent basis.

Now it is your time to determine if what I said is true. 

Don't trust me too much on my food review. 

My tastebuds are kinky, just so you know. :)

Tasting is believing.


Simple Person said...

D steak looks so delicious..
I love to eat tiramisu too...... Seems I like I have meet a pro on this....

sibu food diva said...

yep, delicious it is :) LOL :) i'm not a pro, Simple Person. just my personal opinion.

suituapui said...

I've heard people saying that they serve the best western in the city and their cakes are the nicest...but somehow, I am kinda disappointed with their Sibu branch...right down to the tacky plastic flowers on the tables. :(

sibu food diva said...

I haven't been to the one in Sibu, Arthur. After hearing from some that the Sibu outlet is not run by the same owner as the one in Kuching.

suituapui said...

It is the same - all in the family, surname Hii...if I'm not mistaken. The cakes are airflown from Kuching, of course, they're not so nice...and expensive. The food - I guess the chefs here aren't as good as the ones in Kuching.

sibu food diva said...

ic, i'll pass that. Sibu food is supposed to be cheap. My definition of cheap, that is. :P

Jeffery Liew said...

how was the Price range? for example, Price for one chicken chop, or one cake or a drink? Thanks in advance ��

Jeffery Liew said...

how was the Price? for example Price for one chicken chop or a drink

sibu food diva said...

hello, Jeffery, sorry for the very late reply. the price is rather steep. i couldn't remember the exact price, but let me give you an estimation: if not mistaken, chicken dishes prices start at rm15 and above. but fish, beef around rm40+ Expect to pay around rm100+ for steak + drink + cake.