Monday, February 13, 2012

Best Western Food in Sibu, at Anson, Wong King Huo Road

Anson is a newly opened cafe serving Western food in Sibu.

He is a one man show in the kitchen, so do expect to wait a bit for your food.

Nevertheless, the food is exceptionally good, out of the world even, so tasty so good, and yet value for money.


No. 20, Lorong Wong King Huo 2A

Business hours: 6pm onwards
New York's famous buffalo wings at Anson

The chicken wings were succulent, even with a hint of tabasco. wuah :) What's not to like eh?

Next is house salad with a twist. Special order.

House salad at Anson
The house salad comes with Italian dressing, you may choose the dressing to your liking, but Italian is good.

There is lettuce, julienned carrots, sliced cucumber and tomatoes topped with shredded cheese.

Mine come with bacon bits. That is special order. :)

Next is fish burger, even republicans and democrats voted for this!

I'm serious!
Fish burger at Anson

Enough with fries, allow me to introduce to you, the rice.

Chicken mozzarella melts with rice
 Chicken is very succulent too, the thing which irks me very much is having fried chicken that is dry and chewy and tough as though you have bitten into a piece of soft wood.

Rest assured in this cafe, thou shall have a peace of mind.

Chicken parmigiana at Anson
I love this chicken parmigiana very much. There is a layer of pomodoro sauce underneath the melted cheese. 

Best goes with tabasco sauce. They do provide, fret not.

Beef burger at Anson
 Fancy beef burger with onion ring and fries? 

The thing about this cafe is that, the chef put his heart and soul into food preparation.

Very much hard to come by, especially in Sibu, when you order a beef burger, the fries actually come with tartare sauce, even this sauce is prepared by himself. Needless to say, the tartare sauce is wonderful, taste nothing like those bottled ones.

Anson's mixed grill
Last dish. Mixed grill: there you go, one piece of lamb chop, one piece of steak, and a chicken sausage, served either with fries or fried rice, with coleslaw.

One word to sum up this dish: Super!

I am already missing Sibu as I write this post. 

I love this cafe a lot. Definitely will come back for this place.


Simple Person said...

Buffalo wing is my all time fav..
then eat with blue cheese n celery.. definetely d best..

sibu food diva said...

i like very much as well...TGIF has got very wicked buffalo wings. super nice. but having said so, several years back when i was doing my research on man-made know, chickens are injected with hormones through their necks and wings. so...once in a bluemoon is okay, but frequent consumption of wings is not quite advisable. happy valentine's day to you and your wife! :)

Princess Dory said...

Found your blog while looking up this restaurant. How's the price range tho? Would be very much interested to know :)

sibu food diva said...

Hi princess dory, price range is around rm 8+ I think, at that time when I went there. Not very expensive, as it is kopitiam style western place.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering,is it halal?

sibu food diva said...

No it is not halal..

Abang Zulfadhly said...

Y? Got pork?

sibu food diva said...

I haven't been there for 2 years, Abang Zulfadhly. When they first started, the whole place was so empty that the owner worried that the business would not survive. He did mention that he wanted to introduce pork into the menu, at that time. So i can't confirmed if they do serve pork now. Even if they don't, i can't be sure if the meat was prepared in accordance to Islam. they do serve alcoholic beverages, so to say affirming the non halal of the place.