Monday, February 13, 2012

For the Singles on Valentine's Day in Kuching

Oh, why should you be left out during Valentine's Day right? 

Let me give you a list of place to dine, without having to pay exorbitant price tonight.

The list goes:

1. Hubbaba's Arabic Kitchen for the Halal food and great music

2. Takeaway the lamb burger opposite Swinburne University

3. McDonald's, why not. :) 

4. Open air market for the pork siew mai, kolo mee and soya bean milk.

5. The other side of open air for pork porridge.

6. Petanak market for kueh chap.

7. Lao Ya Keng (the food court within the temple) at Chinatown Kuching for that seafood porridge or stir-fried dishes and also pork spare parts.

8. Peach Garden in Jalan Song for that variety of food, I guess no one wants to bring their dates to 'unglamorous' open air food court.

9. Topspot at Bukit Mata for that seafood goodness.

10. Newly discovered, very awesome kueh chap stall behind Poh Kwong Park

Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers, regardless of whether you are single or not, there is always this group of people called family and friends who care so much about you! :)

Happy Nom Nom Nom~


Simple Person said...

Happy St. Val's Day to you.....

sibu food diva said...

thank you, same to you! :)