Monday, June 08, 2009

Tarot Cafe @ Jalan Keretapi, Kuching

Whether you are religiously orthodox or not, you have to put that mentality aside and step into this cozy cafe @ Jln Keretapi, just next to Bing! Coffee.

Afterall, you won't get jinxed for entering this cafe. :)

I was craving for anything ice, so I opted for this: Iced blended white milk tea. I must say it is marvelous! When I say certain beverage is good, then it has to be real good, as you know I am very fussy when it comes to drinks. Only Coke, and teh c peng or sky juice. I am not keen on those ice-blended drinks which are made from flavored powder.

What's not to love about this french toast? It's called honey butter on the menu. For a second, I thought I ordered the wrong stuff. Made from two thickly sliced bread, with peanut butter and honey, topped with generous squeeze of honey and a very big scoop of ice cream. Best part of all, the oil used for deep-frying the bread is fresh.

All came up to RM10.40. Cheap? very!

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