Monday, June 08, 2009

Celcom Broadband Syndrome

How do you know if you experience the above?

1. You experience extreme exhaustion from clicking the Connect Icon for at least 10 times, and yet nothing happen and still, you are not yet connected to the internet.

2. You get frustrated because your e-mail couldn't be sent as the line gone awry halfway through.

3. You have e-mailed to celcom careline, and you didn't get any response.

4. You called Blue Cube consultant and you get answer such as this: "Oh... it's because you didn't subscribe the RM98 package, if you subscribe to this one, your line no problem wan" But then, my area is not covered by 3.5G! only 3G, so even if I subscribed to RM98 package, I'm still surfing the internet with 3G at dearer price!

5. You feel like approaching Celcom CEO & MDs and plead, "Datuk, please do something about the broadband, have mercy on students like me who is very dependable on your broadband."

6. You are completely mortified because they perform maintenance from 18th of May till 8th of June, and when 18th of June comes, you still need to pay RM68 even though you hardly even utilize the broadband.

If you experience 3 or more of the situations above, welcome to the club.

I am very frustrated. Enough said. Teach me how to solve this problem.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i feel the same for u..

dwnload speeds r fast..for 1 wk of the mth..

the remainder 3 wks..its slow as snail..grrr...

sibu food diva said...

hi Joe, welcome to the club :P