Monday, June 29, 2009

Green Road Laksa, Kuching

I am a laksa connoisseur. Okay, don't drop by No. 29, Channel Road, Sibu to tell my mom about it. She won't be very pleased.

Since El Cheapo is the in-thing right now (judging from the current economic situation), allow me to introduce to you value-for-money and great tasting laksa:


Count the prawns, baby!

I'm sorry you won't be able to count in the chicken too. I say, around7 pieces of thickly sliced chicken meat.

While I was clicking away with my camera this morning, a middle-aged man seated next table shouted to the laksa uncle, "Oei Tauke! This girl is advertising laksa on your behalf," followed by soft chuckles at the table. "Mai sng sng, ee eh chiu oo chaat hua eh." that man continued. (Translation: Don't play play, she got her hands tattooed.) Wow oh hello, I am Chinese, dear kopitiamers! I am being nice not to approach that man in Hokkien and asked him to treat me instead! :P

It's only a mehndi. Nothing serious :)


marie said...

hahahaha... you should have said that i am so and so's charbokia... like that you'd have eated free laksa! hehehhee.

hopefully i'll be back next year to savour the yummilicious laksa sarawak...mmmm!

sibu food diva said...

hahaha :) i brought you there once, remember? come back la, life is very monotonous without u