Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm In Hot Soup

Nowadays, it's such an in thing to do stuff under the tree. You have people holding assembly under the tree, and also food vendor serving up good food under the tree.

In KL, there's this eatery tucked nicely under a ginormous tree that serves good soup. You cannot go wrong with this one, it's just directly opposite Shaw Parade @ Jln Changkat Thambi Dollah. Look out for the big tree.

They serve herbal chicken soup, coconut chicken soup (apparently, this is the biggest hit at this stall, but too bad, I just don't understand Cantonese), river terrapin soup, and the rest, I was lost in translation. Sophia Coppola could have made a sequel to her movie, putting me up as the main female character, starring alongside with Bill Murray in KL, lost in the name of Cantonese . Don't laugh, I can be the next Oscar Nominee.

Anyways, this is the river terrapin soup, double-boiled to perfection. Don't ask me what's the meat like. I just don't know, and was not keen to try either. This is just not my bowl of soup. However, I can tell you that the sweetness of this broth could choke you.

My herbal chicken soup. Even though the bowl might look small to you, rummaging inside the bowl you'll find two big pieces of herbal infused chicken meat, tender and juicy.

Aside from soup, this is the star of the moment: wild boar curry! This is the major culprit that got me excited at this eatery. Again, I just have to prove my point, the world is harsh. Harsh indeed. Dog-eat-dog world, pig-eat-pig too. Yum~

Overall, this place serves decent meal at a reasonable price. Give it a try, only if you are soup lovers. To be certain that you are the right tree, make sure Shaw Parade is directly opposite of you, and at another side, you'll see Hotel 88 opposite of you.


Max1020 said...

all food food food...
so hungry leh !!!
da bao some for me ma~~~
wakaka !!!

muku said...

harro mr chromatograph, since you'll be in kl in aug, it won't be any prob la, eat until pengsan oso can :)

Max1020 said...

Sawadika... haha !!!
but i duno wher to eat ma~~~
guide me, be my driver, wakaka~~~

muku said...

i'm in kuching, how to become your driver? :P