Friday, May 22, 2009

Mango the Ultimate Seducer

I am referring to Mango in general. As in the Mango the Fruit and Mango the Spanish Label that causes every girl to squeal in delight.

There's something that West Malaysians do, and that East Malaysians don't, is that our West Malaysian counterparts love to indulge in sweet nothings @ tongsui. Chinese desserts to be exact, to be served hot or cold, and ideally after a lip-smacking dinner.

And if you have a West Malaysian mother-in-law (Cantonese to be precised) like I do, the sure fire way to win her heart is to have tongsui (Chinese dessert) with her. But it can be a torture if you are no lover of those hot broth sweet soup eg. red bean soup, peanut porridge, sesame porridge etc. Rest assured, I have just one perfect place for you to enjoy something ice cold and superbly good while your mother in law enjoys her tongsui.

This heavenly haven is none other than KTZ Food, formerly at Jalan Imbi, now they have an outlet at SS2.

With this ladies and gentlemen, I hereby present to you :


This baby is made up of finely shaved ice topped with generous amount of mango puree, sago and cubed mangoes. Mind you, this is no ordinary ABC or ais kacang shaved ice. The shaved ice is so fine, the moment you shove it into your mouth, it melts straight away, coupled with the thick mango puree, it sends pulsating sensation to your senses.

You must be thinking, really that "kua cheong" (exaggerated manner)? Oh yes, it does.

How can you not fall into temptation with this seducer? Go find this place now!


Timothy Low said...

Hey, my 1st visit to your site. Nice one on the mangoes. Now I have to get them mangoes from my fridge that I bought this morning and cut them. I was too lazy to do it until you motivated to ....

muku said...

haha:) hello Timothy, welcome. you might want to try to blend the mangoes with ice to get mango ice blended. Heavenly as well.