Thursday, March 26, 2009

5 Loaves Cafe

If a particular eatery gets reviewed more than once by me, it has to be so darn good. and yes, it really is. :)

And mind you, 5 Loaves Cafe ain't anywhere near where I stay.

I have been here several times, and I have brought along several food critiques along.

This is the signature mee mamak from 5 Loaves Cafe. Even though I am having wisdom toothache lately (yes, am getting old and wiser coz i've already passed the young and stupid stage), I just couldn't resist the mee mamak. guess i'm such a loser and always listen to my tastebuds rather than my instinct huh?

As it was only mildly spicy, thank goodness it didn't aggravate the pain caused by my wisdom tooth.

Oh, I was quite surprised there were several dishes go unlisted in the menu. Only regulars know this!

They do serve fettucine carbonara.

This little foos reviewer of mine, Foofee is a big fan of 5LC's Fettucine Carbonara. Two days in a row, fetuccine carbonara @ this cafe, must be fantabulous!

Zac and his club sandwiches. Also two days in a row! club sandwiches @ 5LC.

And I also have to try it for my ownself. This is my second time I surrender to my tastebud. After I had the fries, my wisdom tooth do hurt a bit. But the fries seduction is way to strong.

Are you game for 5 Loaves Cafe now?


Angel said...

Hi again Sibu Food Diva,

Sad to have missed you again this trip! I was busy throughout in the kitchen, but Zac and Foofee kept running over to peep into the cooking area to watch the making of their fettucine/sandwiches!

Cya next trip! And may you come sans that toothache ;)

muku said...

Hi Angel! :) i've been to your outlet only once with Foofee and the gang. they frequent your place very often! no worries, so far, no secrets of how you make your club sandwiches / fettuccine being disclosed yet. keep it up, i love your outlet!