Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kwong Hup Cafe @ Jalan Keretapi

I love this place not because they serve superbly good food, rather because they give 7-star service (wow, does it sound as though you are in Burj Al Arab?)

These loving people in Kwong Hup Cafe know how I want my teh c peng (milk tea) to be done. Seriously.

I love the popiah (spring roll).

And also the laksa.

I have to keep on reminding myself that this too shall pass...referring to my wisdom tooth ache, I mean. WAIYA! WHEN CAN I HAVE MY LAKSA?


Do Re Mi Ca said...

i love popiah too!!! very very yummy!! i like the one with crunchy nutty bits inside. i've got new blog. lookie look!

muku said...

thanks for dropping by, bebek ;) wah! can we do a remake on sound of music, love? We go by Do Re Mi Ca So La Ti Do!

Anonymous said...

lol. now i'm getting confused of the do re mi thing.. what's the original do re mi till do?

from rebecca <3

Kong-Kay said...

the popiah guy gives massage?