Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have just stumbled upon these two pages of SK-II advertisement while browsing through a few
magazines yesterday.

There you go, you have passionate SK-II users... users for 12, 9, 8 and 2 years.

But I stand in between 8 and 2, I wonder if SK-II would like to slot me in.

Passionate SK-II user for 6 years.

Joan Dolly

Miracle water has become part of my life ever since I was 20. 6 years has passed, and SK-II is still bringing joyful surprises to my skin, making it more radiant and smooth than ever. The youthfulness SK-II has in store for me is exceptionally extraordinaire.

Joan Dolly is a former civil engineering lecturer. She is currently pursuing post-graduate degree at a local university.


Nina said...

I will go like this if i stumble upon u on the SK II advert
"Dem u,joan!!"
no wonder la ur skin so flawless!

muku said...

hehehe.. it's just another crazy post due to my work stress. :P senkyu senkyu. would you like to try SK-II now? ;) furthermore it's from Japan ;)

Paul said...

SK-II is owned by P&G so technically it's from US though launched in Japan ^_*

muku said...

oh my, i'm very impressed with your vast knowledge in SK-II, Paul. thank you for the pointer by the way. so much so that it amuses me very much :)

Cik DiTDOT said...

For God sake,
the boyfie is much more advance than me in this beauty regime.He's indeed an avid user of SK-II.Well he does it due to the weather.Its really dry till turned his skin to be crisp.
I dont think i can afford SK II la..

muku said...

aiya, moi. you always fly here and there, where got cannot afford SK-II.;) or better still, sabotage your darl's set. :P

Max1020 said...

Bo lui student like me no money buy that kinf od thing !!!
I only use water wash nia~~~
sponsor me some···

muku said...

wait till you earn your own money first, I have already, so I can afford. In the meantime, just use whatever you can afford la. :P

`NiCK^ said...

some ppl do complain SK-II not suitable for them..
highly depends on skin-type doesn't it?

muku said...

Nick, skincare is very mysterious. However, it works for me. I have known an auntie who was on La Mer previously, which is dubbed as Rolls Royce of skincare and uhm...