Monday, February 23, 2009

Kaki Pendek

I am telling you, never ever underestimate someone who's vertically challenged. After a week plus staying at my new apartment, I've finally put up the curtain. Sans the ladder. ;)

After a week of free show to the people in BDC area, I finally think enough is enough. Hence i gather some wisdom and courage to put up my curtain after numerous failed attempts to do so, due to my short legs.

Somehow, when I was lying on my bed yesterday afternoon, something struck my mind. chair + my sky high Vincci heels might just do the trick! And I did!

Look how BRILLIANT si pendek (Ms Shortie) can be.;)


marie said...

omgosh!!!! free show? hahhaha... revealing your other side of "naughtiness" for the Kuchingnites eh... kekeke.

muku said...

hmm..must flaunt my LaSenzas and Triumphs :)