Monday, February 09, 2009

Tea at Four Points by Sheraton Kuching

I was in the lift just now, a few staffs struck a conversation with me. It went like this:

Stranger: Hello! Which year you are in?
Me: First.
Stranger: Civil engineering?
Me: Yeah.
Stranger: *Snicker* Diploma?
Me: phd.
Stranger: (Almost choked by the breath he took in)

Eventually, I gave him a big teethy grin as a sign of multiple gratitude for mistaken me as one diploma student.

If you think i barely pass 21, kindly let me know.

You might get lucky coz I shall buy you a tea at Four Points by Sheraton.

See, everything is so nice here.

Even the sugar sachet packing is awesome.

This is my latte. Lately, i'm high on caffeine.

This is Mediterranean Wrap on Focaccia Bread.

Hmm.. a medley of zucchini, capsicum and brinjal in very light dressing. Every mouthful is a burst of sensation to my palate. It is this real good. No joke. Unless you are one ferocious meat eater, that's all..

The rest of the photos speak for themselves.

Fancy a tea with me?


Amanda said...

Darn!! I wanna get my hand on the latte!! woosh...

muku said...

It's heavenly, Amanda :) you should come here and try.

Max1020 said...

u help me da bao back cbu~~~

Paul said...

I am so jealous... the place looks great with such an Express construction... I am not as high class as you... I go Starbucks enough and get myself a Green Tea Latte ^_*

Paul said...

sorry... stupid me... Green Tea Latte is from Second Cup... sigh... my stupid memory nowadays...