Sunday, December 28, 2008

Best Steam Boat in Sibu

This year, Christmas has been a whole lot quieter than previous years, due to global economic recession. Hence, this led me to think of the poor especially in my country, which is still rampant. Whilst I was enjoying my humble Christmas Eve dinner, I thought to myself and thank God that I am well fed each day, and especially this very dinner. I felt so touched with the generous amount of food being served and given the chance, I would nominate the proprietor of Ah Bui Restaurant of Jln Aman, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia to be one of the UN Goodwill Ambassadors.

All thanks to this man, a low income earner like me is able to fill my tummy with good food without breaking my piggy bank.

The Christmas eve dinner: Steamboat tagged at the price of RM55

This humble plate consists of generous amount of fresh produce ranging from calamari, eggs, pork belly, sea cucumber, prawns, shrimps, chicken, fish, abalone mushrooms, long cabbage and last but not least glass noodles.

Try to have a go at this shop, and you'll know why I dare to say this is the best steamboat in Sibu.

Take a closer look at the pork belly.. yum! You heard me right, I said yum~ I do eat my own kind. In a world of dog-eat- dog world, pig eats pig too.

A preview of the crustacean nation on the platter.

Cockles stir-fried to perfection.

The last of the deep sea nation.. deep fried calamari.

I hope you enjoy your visual-feasting at my blog. Merry Christmas! Muaks!


marie said...

hahhaa... what pig eat pig lah. but i thought flood is everywhere leh... still can go to that area meh?

muku said...

haiya.. it's Christmas Eve. no flooding on The Lord's Day! kekeke.. ;)

marie said...

dunno le.. i heard from my auntie that everywhere was flooded bo. esp that area. hehehe... next time i'm going over for the steamboat. yoo-hoo~~