Monday, January 05, 2009

A Date with a Beautiful Nurse at Italiannies

My trips to KL always ended up eating more than shopping.

This time around, I managed to catch up with a childhood friend of mine, who's attached to a private hospital as Intensive Care Unit nurse. If you happen to have cardiac arrest, you know whom to look for.

My friend suggested Italiannies at the Gardens.

It could be people who are in the medic line are pretty health conscious.

The complimentary focaccia and Tuscan bread served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. But sorry, bread was out of picture. Whole day of marathon in Mid Valley was quite a calorie-burning agenda, thus the massive hunger.

Here's toast to my beautiful friend... and four bowls of pasta :)


Angel hair pomodoro


Another fettuccine. It seems that we both Taurean girls are so into fettuccine.

The signature grape shake

Cappuccino pie, my fav dessert at Italiannies.

The bill came in decent enough and no, I did not get cardiac arrest for buying this pleasantly satisfying meal. :) Cheers, peeps.

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