Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lunch at New Capitol Restaurant, Sibu

In Sibu, when you say, good food, it probably points you to this restaurant.

New Capitol, Sibu; right opposite Premier Hotel, adjacent to Tanahmas Hotel.

Ah :) just to let you know I had my mini reunion dinner the night before my wedding here.

Unfortunately I can't show you the dishes I handpicked for my pre-wedding dinner, as I was mobbed and showered with hugs and kisses all night long by my relatives that my camera sat idle in my bag.

This place. 

During the worst hit economy, the business was still booming! 

The hike of fuel price did not deter people from going there to have their meals, it was full house! 
Amazing. :) [Sibu people live to eat!]

This restaurant, is not only good for banquets. 

It is totally perfect for 'tapao' too.

Hands down the best chicken rice and the best sweet and sour fish rice in Sibu.

Chicken Rice at New Capitol Restaurant, Sibu
 Words cannot describe how lovely these two dishes are.

Starting with chicken rice, the rice itself is fluffy, fragrant, perfectly cooked. No sign of mushiness or rice clumping together.

Then the chicken itself. The cooked meat was white, soft and had that slight oily sheen.

Be sure to be early. It does sold out at times.

Sweet and Sour Fish at New Capitol Restaurat, Sibu
And then, the fish.

They don't use dory fish; and this is a check on my picky palate. 

The sweet and sour sauce itself was made from scratch.

No tacky taste of the canned mass - produced low quality tomato sauce.

This is another tick.

The whole combination was just perfectly balanced; not too sweet, and not overly sour.

Definitely my preferred lunch whenever I am feeling energetic and decide to walk to this restaurant from my father's shop. [It's very hot in Sibu]


The Yum List said...

Being mobbed and showered with kisses and hugs is a pretty good excuse for not taking pics. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi great posts. It would be awesome if you could also mention the price of the food.

sibu food diva said...

hehe :) thank you yum list!

anonymous: i'll try my very best! :) for the ones i've posted in this post, total for both was less than RM30. Hope that helps!

Sean said...

ooo, i've never been to sibu before, but if i ever visit, i'll keep the name 'new capitol' in mind :D the chicken rice looks and sounds absolutely perfect, and it really reminds me of my grandmother's home-cooked version, which i loved :)

suituapui said...

My girl loves the chicken rice here...but have to go early or it would be packed, full house...and parking in the area is such a pain.

suituapui said...

Oh? You're married? My young friend, Julia (home from Perth, Australia), did mention it - but I said I did not hear of it. Well, that's the truth - I didn't. Congrats!!! All the best, wishing you every happiness in the years ahead. Cheers!

sibu food diva said...

Sean: oh, you better go to Sibu! One of the most eccentric places in Malaysia :)

suituapui: parking is a pain, walking is a pain too! hahaha ;) yes, i am married, in an ultra small scale ceremony, that's why…it's kind of unheard of! hehehe thank you very much for your blessing :)