Friday, November 09, 2012

New Capital Restaurant, Sibu

I am very fond of this restaurant.

It has been there since I do not know when :)

This restaurant exudes nostalgia; or do I put it this way, retro!

When you step in, it feels as though you have entered into another dimension: say 1960s / 1970s.

Very Woodstock-ish era ;)

The tiles, the ceiling, the setting, it is still the way it was, just like how I remember from childhood days.

New Capital Restaurant, located opposite Premier Hotel, or rather, behind Tanahmas Hotel in Sibu.

The food is, one of the best in Sibu.

My family loves this place and is one of our favorites for family reunion dinners.

Whenever I am back in Sibu, I walked from my dad's shop to takeaway for lunch, famous for chicken rice, stir-fried fish with leek and sweet and sour fish, with rice.

The sit down dinner, is equally awesome.

There it is: a RM500 price tag dinner.

I try my best to describe these dishes, no offense, I do not know what is the exact name for the dishes.

Just in case you wish to have the same exact dish, just show your phone with the photos (I am a Luddite, but I know most of you are not. )

The first dish made a grand entrance with the lobster sticking out from the dish.

Dinner at New Capital Restaurant, Sibu

The second dish was pomfret, Foochow style. The sauce was sweet and tangy, most of all, the fish was fresh.

Dinner at New Capital Restaurant, Sibu

Sea cucumber! Acquired taste. I am not a big fan. 

But this was good. Braised sea cucumber laced with wine.

Dinner at New Capital Restaurant, Sibu

And this...I refuse to comment. 

Not my type of meat. Will not touch even with a 10 feet pole.

Dinner at New Capital Restaurant, Sibu

The vegetable yam basket was a hit, for me at least. 

One of the best I have tasted.

Dinner at New Capital Restaurant, Sibu

If you fancy pork siew mai, this is the place to have it in Sibu.

For some reasons, I have no idea why they serve siew mai together with the yam dessert.

Pardon me, I haven't had a proper Chinese restaurant dinner in Sibu for the longest time.

Dinner at New Capital Restaurant, Sibu
One particular dish that I love most is this:

The prawns. 

Deep fried, with sweet and smokey aftertaste.

Dinner at New Capital Restaurant, Sibu
For your information, this restaurant uses the finest quality of ingredients, especially when it comes to meat. 

The butcher tells it all to my mother. 


And oh, enjoy your dinner here :) 


suituapui said...

Long long ago, it was a small restaurant somewhere below Palace Theatre...and my dad used to buy the chicken rice from this lady called "Ah Sap Chay". We loved the rice, yellow in colour...and we could not get that anywhere else then.

Then they opened up a bigger place - the block of shops behind the Sibu Post Office - where Capital Hotel was (dunno what's the name now) around the KFC outlet there. The 3 big name sin town then were Capital, Yien King & Hock Chieu Leu.

Then, they n=moved to the present location and had been there since, still going strong...while many others have sprouted and closed down.

sibu food diva said...

wow :) nice sharing! my dad never told me about this. I don't know Yien King, probably i was still WIP (work in progress) :PP but i love hock chiu lao though. the Man Chiu Ko is my fav.

Simple Person said...

wow love the food..
RM500 i think it is reasonable..
If I come to Sibu I could only picture myself eat Kampua noodles only.. kakakaka
cannot expect Sibu mayor to treat me expensive food.. paiseh..

missyblurkit said...

The food looks good! Affordable too compared to what we will have to fork out in KL.

Henry Tan said...

wow the first dish really.... grand!

sibu food diva said...

SP: come la, bring your missus along, i treat you new capital, you treat me lai poh heen in kl :)

missyblurkit: ya, food in my hometown is (dirt) cheap and that's why i grow sideways very rapidly whenever i'm back :)

henry: grand but scary, the lobster made eye contact with me. ;P