Friday, July 05, 2013

Breakfast at Aloha, Sibu

My sister is a very big fan of Aloha coffeeshop.

I'm not because the parking is extremely difficult, not to even say that huge ninjas crammed the already narrow road, by just parking everywhere not within the designated parking space.

But having said so, the roti canai and laksa are worth mentioned.

Roti planta without sugar at Aloha Sibu

Roti kosong at Aloha Sibu

They are very crisp.


Laksa at Aloha Sibu
And, laksa is far better than Mas Corner's.

If you wish to have the laksa just as shown in the photo, read this:

laksa special, extra hot and spicy.

Else, the laksa would be bland and watery. 

For Sibu standard, this is very decent, and is the best. 


Sean said...

Mmm the roti kosong looks temptingly crisp and fresh! At first though, when I saw the name of the eatery, I thought it might be a Hawaiian-influenced one! :D

sibu food diva said...

hahaha :) i have no idea why is the place called aloha either :) but the roti is mighty fine!

suituapui said...

Yup...parking's a pain in town - that's why I seldom venture anywhere there. The laksa's not my favourite - I'd go to Thomson Corner for that...or some of the Malay stalls at the coffee shops opposite Wisma Sanyan...and canai, I'd go to Twin Star - left of Paramount, best dhall dip that I've had anywhere!

sibu food diva said...

nice one, suituapui :) i'd love to try out the places that you've mentioned.

The Yum List said...

It has been a while since I've had roti canai. Now I have a craving. :-)

sibu food diva said...

come to plaza mont kiara, yum! there is a nice place for roti, just one floor down from the post office

Missy Missy said...

roti looks delightful. I need to go check out some roti soon. been some months since i ate any.