Friday, April 19, 2013

Nissan Leaf in KL

Going out on a Saturday in KL is very unnerving.

Calling for a taxi can take up to at least an hour.

Nissan Leaf in KL
One fine day.

I had a sheer luck with MyTeksi app, a woman driver called me that she would be coming to fetch me to Pavilion, for free! In a Nissan Leaf.

This model has yet to be launched in Malaysia, but I am really privileged to be taken on a ride in one.

Nissan Leaf in Malaysia

It is a very amazing electric car. 

Travelling Feet in Nissan Leaf

I am very in love. :) 

Very quiet, smooth drive, and most of all, low maintenance. 

Expected to be launched second quarter of this year. 

(Plenty of leg room and head room)

Nissan Leaf Interior

The Drinks Holder, Backseat Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf Memento

On top of the free ride. I had freebies too.

Now I start to believe in luck. :)

Me and My Beau Next to Nissan Leaf
Happy Weekend! :)


Wilson Ng said...

Lucky you to have the free ride!


sibu food diva said...

thank you! :)

The Yum List said...

Hee.. if you believe in luck.. luck will come your way. :-)

suituapui said...

Free? So nice!!! How to get this privilege?

I've had had enough bad experiences with KL taxi drivers - the cut-throats, the daylight robbers...the gangsters. Wanted to pick a fight with me some, a poor miserable old man, just because I refused to pay RM30 from BB to TAR, accusing me of trying to lodge a report!!!!

sibu food diva said...

thanks yum! suituapui: poor you! i have my share of bad experiences with taxis, but not as bad as yours! normally when i'm really in need of taxi, and the budget taxis won't put the meter on, i will go for the blue cab instead.