Sunday, April 21, 2013

Indonesian and Indian Food at Cafe Ind, Sibu

When I was back in Sibu for a short visit this CNY, I discovered a new place in town to eat.

This eatery is not very new per say, quietly located behind police station here in Sibu, just right behind Nichii outlet.

There are two kitchens, the Indonesian and the Indian.

Lamb Briyani at Cafe Ind, Sibu
Lamb briyani, naan and aloo gobi (fried cauliflower) are top - notched.

Garlic Naan at Cafe Ind, Sibu

Egg Roll at Cafe Ind, Sibu

Nasi Pecel at Cafe Ind, Sibu

Aloo Gobi at Cafe Ind, Sibu
There is one dish that you must definitely try: nasi tumpeng.

Very. Very. Very. VERY. DELICIOUS.

Nasi Tumpeng at Cafe Ind, Sibu

Bakso is just so - so.

Bakso at Cafe Ind, Sibu

Rojak at Cafe Ind, Sibu

Kuey Teow Tom Yam at Cafe Ind, Sibu
Kuey Teow is awesome too.

Mee Tektek at Cafe Ind, Sibu

Other than that, try the beef rendang, opor ayam and gado gado. 

The fried chicken in Nasi Uduk is a bit dry.

I dream of nasi tumpeng every day. 

Amazing. Can't wait to go home again soon. :)


Anonymous said...

Where in Sibu is this Cafe Ind? The food seems delicous.

sibu food diva said...

it is behind police station and Nichii in Sibu

suituapui said...

Wow!!! So many dishes!!! It must have been a big crowd - your group.

Pretty nice place, nice food...but I do wish they would not play those loud clubbing kind of music...and switch to something more soothing instead.

Prices, ok...maybe slightly cheaper than Payung...but I still prefer the ambience, the people, the service...everything at Payung.

sibu food diva said...

hahaha :) suituapui, i can really eat! ;) i love payung too, but the food is different. i can't live without payung and cafe ind! both are top notched on my list.