Monday, February 04, 2013

Sibu Food Diva's Couscous

My boyfriend used to live in Tunisia during his childhood days.

Hence the craving for couscous.

Couscous recipe

The packet of couscous which he bought in B.I.G. has been sitting in the kitchen cabinet for a while before I call for my defeat and finally cooked the couscous.

I went through numerous sites to learn how to cook couscous via Google mentor.


This is it.

Couscous was rather easy, just pour hot chicken broth (i use chicken bouillon) or hot water to couscous and immediately cover with clingfilm for about 5 minutes or more, then fluffed up with a fork. 

Beef meatballs were bought from Village Grocer's at 1Mont Kiara, pumpkin and capsicum were anointed with generous amount of olive oil before going into the oven at 150 C for about 1 hour.

Meatballs were pan fried, set aside, and toast the slivers of almond.

Drain and rinse a can of garbanzo beans / chickpeas.

Assemble everything together, and the slivers of the almonds, the last.

Garnish chopped parsley on top, and season with salt, pepper and smoked paprika.

The verdict?

My boyfriend is a happy boy. :)


suituapui said...

That looks good...

The Yum List said...

Oh yes! I love couscous!

missyblurkit said...

Such a simple and yummy dish. I should consider making this too...though I suspect the verdict will be a happy me while the hubster will be looking around looking for his meat.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!