Thursday, August 23, 2012

La Bodega, Pavilion, KL

My boyfriend is always very positive - minded.

"Come on, darling. You can walk a few steps more. :)" was his reply whenever I started my mantra chanting on how my legs were tired from walking.

It could be, because he is a psychiatrist. Hence the cheery man himself, always stoic, and never seemed to be perturbed by small things in life.

And so, I was handsomely rewarded for being able to walk more than usual that particular day, with a tapas treat :)

At La Bodega, Pavilion. 

La Bodega, Pavilion, KL

La Bodega, Pavilion, KL

La Bodega, Pavilion, KL

La Bodega, Pavilion, KL
La Bodega, Pavilion, KL

Bread at La Bodega, Pavilion, KL

 The bread was complimentary. There were soft and fragrant, just, very tasty.

It went very well with patatas bravas: deep fried potatoes seasoned with paprika served alioli and and a dollop of chili sauce. 

The bread was excellent to mop the alioli.

 Oh, and the star of that moment. None other than the calamari fritters.


Succulent, tender, and crisp on the outside.

Calamari Fritters at La Bodega, Pavilion, KL

Patatas Bravas at La Bodega, Pavilion, KL

I felt as if I was transported to Spain for a while.

Just amazing. :) 

I love the Hoegaarden at La Bodega. 

Unpretentious. No spiking.

Just pure Hoegaarden beer goodness.

Hoegaarden at La Bodega, Pavilion, KL
Price is a bit steep for the beer, but at least you know you're drinking awesome beer.

I tried at several other eateries, which I do not wish to mention here. I was disappointed at how some people in the F&B industry would do such a thing: to spike the beer. 

Pardon my English. I use the word spike excessively in my wastewater research. Spike literally means mixed.

I am quite an alcoholic myself. I drink quite a lot. To be more precised, I am a single malt drinker.

So if I get drunk after several sips of beer and feel super thirsty thereafter, it could only mean one thing.

And pounding headache the next day.

And kudos to La Bodega! :)

That's why I only order Hoegaarden in La Bodega apart from Hagen Bake and Brew.

By the way, La Bodega serves excellent Paella Valenciana. At RM60+, I rather have it here than to cook paella myself! Save myself from all the troubles, plus. La Bodega serves paella in paella pan.

Authentic as it should be. :)

La Bodega at Pavilion KL

Lot C3.06.00,

Level 3, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

Should you need to make any reservations at any of these La Bodega outlets:
 Pavilion KL: +60321488018
Bangsar Baru: +60322878318
Bangsar Shopping Centre: +60322872768
Empire Shopping Gallery: +60350222098


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh!!!! Nice boyfriend, you have. Sounds of bells anytime soon?

sibu food diva said...

Thank you :) not yet la.. When I do, I'll do a Las Vegas style wedding. Sign papers and that's it. :pp

The Yum List said...

You must try their lamb chops! I might dare to say that I think they are the best thing on the menu. :-)

Simple Person said...

Las Vegas style...
aiye .. i thought got hoegarden yam seng....

sibu food diva said...

Ooo! Thanks for the recommendation. Will give it a try :) I love lamb chop

sibu food diva said...

Hahahahaha :)) yam seng w roast pork, you game? I can make a tea party at yut kee :)