Monday, August 13, 2012

Dinner at Sheraton Restaurant, Sibu

When you mention Sheraton in Sibu, it means only one thing.


No hotel involved.

This  restaurant has been around for the longest time. 

You should note this down as one of the must - eat places in Sibu.

Fish head curry is numero uno! Better than the famed Pudu fish head curry place in KL.

It is customary for my family to eat here whenever one of the black sheep (me and my sister :)) is back in town.

The prodigal daughter(s).

Sheraton Restaurant, Sibu
  No prize for guessing what is my surname.
Sheraton Restaurant, Sibu

Sheraton Restaurant, Sibu

Sheraton Restaurant, Sibu

Fish Head Curry at Sheraton Restaurant, Sibu

Sheraton Restaurant, Sibu

Sheraton Restaurant, Sibu

The famed Ice Kacang at Sheraton Restaurant, Sibu
This is, one of the best Chinese restaurants in Sibu.

Always packed for weddings and birthdays. 

Parking can be a sore whenever you need to attend any of the events I mentioned.

Other than that it is alright.

The best time to go to this restaurant, is during 7th month of Chinese lunar calendar.

You can practically have the restaurant all to yourself!

Because Chinese are very superstitious and do not hold weddings or celebrations during this month.

 I cannot remember, the names of the dishes I actually ordered.

I am sure, a lot of you have got smartphones and should you have difficulties in ordering, just show the photos! :)

For now, the prodigal daughter needs a rest. 

Under attack by hyperthyroidism again.

Till then, bon appetit.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I just had curry fish head in KL and I can say with no reservations whatsover that the one at Sheraton wins hands down!!! Nowhere near as nice, I can tell you this.

Btw, I hear that they are going to close down cos the boss isn't feeling too well or something. Any truth in this? Very sad! My favourite restaurant in town - for restaurants in this category or class.

Simple Person said...

next time i go to Sibu.. I will ask STP to bring me there

The Yum List said...

Those boiled peanuts you find in Chinese restaurants... I could munch on them for the entire meal.

sibu food diva said...

STP: hehehe! same same taste eh? oh, btw i have no idea regarding the closing down rumors. i'll ask my father and get back to you.

simple person: it is a must! if i am around at that time i gate crash too. :PPP

yum: you can get this at the grocery store too, you can easily find this at the taiwanese section of the grocery store. or maybe, in the non-halal section.