Thursday, August 09, 2012

Best Halal Char Koay Teow in Sibu

I must admit, it is not that easy to find food for Muslims who are visiting Sibu as this small town is heavily populated by Chinese especially in the town area.

Having said so, there is this place, heavily packed for breakfast, so much so that sometimes you might need to wrestle your way into the coffeeshop to secure a table.

This place is just next to the post office in Sibu, it is called Wan Seng Coffeeshop.

The corner stall sells its signature dish: Mee Brunei (Brunei noodles) and fried noodles.

I particularly love the fried koay teow. 
Nicely seared, as always.

The consistency is there.

Halal Char Koay Teow in Sibu
I always love to pay this shop a visit whenever I am back in town.

Very flavorful, just simple char koay teow with beansprouts and shredded chicken.

But the taste is simply amazing.

Not to mention the adjacent stalls serve very nice Chinese dishes as well.

This coffeeshop is the epitome of 1Malaysia. People from various racial and religious background can be seen there, waiting patiently for their food. Oh! and also a lot of postmen eat here too. :)

Sibu is indeed a charmingly odd town, but nevertheless a harmonious one.


Simple Person said...

very nice....I love to eat CKT...

Anonymous said...

Nice eh? No lard leh... But I fry at home, no lard...also nice. Will go and try someday.

The Yum List said...

That looks delicious and I love it even more with a squeeze of fresh lime on top. :-)