Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Healthy Lunch at Plaza Mont Kiara

Let me reiterate this:

Mont Kiara is an upmarket area, filled with expatriates.

Getting cheap and healthy eats are almost impossible, unless you want to consider that fast food corner serving lunch promo is a healthy one.

But then again, my cheap can be your expensive, or vice versa.

I recently discovered a gem in Plaza Mont Kiara.

Previously selling coffee only, but now with wraps for lunch.

For RM18 nett. You get a coffee - based beverage of your choice and plus this wrap.

At Pedro Espresso.

Korean Beef Bulgolgi Wrap.

Beef Bulgolgi Wrap at Pedro Espresso, Plaza Mont Kiara, KL
The taste is extraordinaire!

A wonderful change from the routine rice, noodles, rice, noodles lunch.

I have previously blogged about Pedro Espresso before. Click here.

Say hi to Pedro on behalf of Sibu Food Diva! 



Anonymous said...

Oooo...that looks yummy!!! Never been to Mont Kiara - heard of it, know it is a high class not for the likes of me. Sobsssss!!!!!

Simple Person said...

yes it is good just for some changes besides just rice, noodles..
very healthy lunch....

sibu food diva said...

suituapui: come to mont kiara la, high class but not to the extent you have to wear penguin suit and all :) there are a lot of amazing eats around this area, i have scouted a few affordable and yummy places here! :)

simple person: ya lo...healthier option than....siu yuk rice. though i must say i crave a lot for siu yuk. :)

The Yum List said...

I'm always on the lookout for healthy spots to eat! Thanks for the tip. :-)

sibu food diva said...

right! we are in the same league! :) you're most welcome :)